SimplySoulSistas is on a mission to heal and raise the frequency of the planet by teaching those who seek healing  how to live holistically while raising their vibration through intentional living. We want to open healing houses in as many low income areas that we can as we work to transform these neighborHOODS one soul at a time.  Each of the healing houses that we are building  will host an herbal healing pharmacy,  meditation room, vegan kitchen , community garden, and  a SOULcare classroom. 


It has been scientifically proven that no  access to healthy food, nature , and the constant reminder that you are not worthy of a beautiful environment creates suicidal, depressed,  anxious, and non functional adults. These adults in turn develop preventable diseases and/or conditions due to the lifestyle that people living in low income neighborhoods are forced to live. 

SimplySoulSistas wants to teach those who have grown up in harsh environments how to take care of their mind, body, and SOUL by being very intentional about the things that they put ON and IN their bodies. We speak closely to the  GODDESS WOMAN, because we know that the GODDESS WOMAN gets things done for her family however, we can use EVERYONE'S help ! 


Each purchase that you make goes towards the healing houses that we are going to build in the communities that we feel need them the most, it's a win win ! So go ahead and check out our site. Your soul care purchase  also supports a cause. If you do not need anything from our website at the moment, please donate to our cause if you can.

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Please help OG Goddess Blaize build her own school houses of health and wellness.  These schools will teach holistic living to our children during  their developmental stages. These schools will also assist adults  with how to live a life better than the one they have grown accustomed to. You can use your PayPal account or credit/debit card to send your donation. Let us know that you have helped so that we can thank you publicly !

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