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My name is Imani Blaize, everyone calls me OG Goddess Blaize, and I am the owner of this game changing company.


There was a time when I was very suicidal however, our creator sent my inner child to save me and that is when I healed myself through an intentional lifestyle change. I found my life calling in helping others to heal when I began to heal. After experiencing the benefits of healing, I created this platform to help brown boys, girls, women, and children speak up for themselves in a world where it is hard. 


The mental health of brown people has been largely effected by their environment.  No access to healthy food, TREES, and the constant reminder that you are not worthy of a beautiful environment creates suicidal, depressed, and anxious adults/teens. Gentrification has allowed other demographics to create mini paradises within ghettos/ hoods across the country. Now not only do brown boys and girls not have access to the "finer" things in life, but they have to watch OTHER demographics come in and build around them, leaving them in their own ugly surroundings. 


SimplySoulSistas is on a mission to bring access to a healthy, holistic,  lifestyle in hoods world wide ! We take care of our mind, body, and SOUL by being very intentional about the things that we put ON and IN our bodies. We speak closely to the  GODDESS WOMAN, because we know that the GODDESS WOMAN gets things done ! 


Each purchase that you make goes towards the houses that we are going to keep, buy back, or turn into businesses when YOU help us earn the money.  We have a job to do ! Will you help us ? If so, join Goddess Gang TODAY.

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