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Dear Goddess, 


After intense studying of patterns and behaviors we have discovered that unacknowledged depression, anxiety, and codependency issues seem to be more prevalent amongst women of color than any other demographic. The reason behind this being more times than often, not making a healthy mind, body, and soul a lifestyle instead of a “glorified, luxury, privilege”.  That is why we have formed GODDESS GANG.


Being a part of  GoddessGang is simple, we just have a few rules. We DO NOT DISCRIMINATE here and we seek to spread love to ALL RACES. This is home for the Black woman in a world where we don't have many homes. Although this is our home, we are more than happy to share it with women of all colors as we connect with Goddesses all around the world. 

To be a GoddessGang member you just have to know who you are. You learn who you are by taking a journey within yourself and tapping into the divine being that is YOU. Here at SimplySoulSistas, we call this a spiritual journey. Once you start your spiritual journey, it never really ends but that is also when you become the best version of yourself.  SimplySoulSistas is here to help you stay grounded, balanced, and open to the messages that come from your spirit guides at ALL times with the help of our holistic living products, services, and tools.

SoulSistas spend time in nature, we take care of our bodies, we are mindful of what we eat, we meditate to control our thoughts, and we are committed to HEALING. We pay close attention to our mind, body, and soul. 


So explore the site sis! Below you'll find a few testimonials from Goddess Gang. If you are on your mobile phone, the site menu is located in the top left corner.




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Charlotte, NC, USA