It has been scientifically proven that the mental health of melanin women has been purposefully altered through systems created by WHITE SUPREMACY.  The abuse started BEFORE slavery and long AFTER slavery. As a result, we walk around carrying Ancestral Trauma. 



No access to healthy food, TREES, and the constant reminder that you are not worthy of a beautiful environment creates suicidal, depressed,  anxious, and non functional adults who carry parasites as well as other preventable diseases. 


SimplySoulSistas is on a mission to bring access to a healthy, holistic,  lifestyle to families world wide ! We want to teach our mothers and children how to take care of their mind, body, and SOUL by being very intentional about the things that they put ON and IN their bodies. We speak closely to the  GODDESS WOMAN, because we know that the GODDESS WOMAN gets things done however, we can use EVERYONE'S help ! 


 Each purchase that you make goes towards the change that we want to see, it's a win win !

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